Equipment Accessories

Product number:ASM Accessories6

  • Description: 03081416-01battery package 18V-7Ah, 1x6V/1x12V03081418-01control board 18V03081419-01relay for control board 18V03081420-014 touch operating unit03081421-01motor with motorbrake03081422-01battery charger 230/18V, EU connector03081423-01battery charger 110/18V, US connector03081431S01hybrid ste

03081416-01battery package 18V-7Ah, 1x6V/1x12V
03081418-01control board 18V
03081419-01 relay for control board 18V
03081420-014 touch operating unit
03081421-01motor with motorbrake
03081422-01battery charger 230/18V, EU connector
03081423-01battery charger 110/18V, US connector
03081431S01hybrid step motor cpl. X12/X16 V2
03081445S01Set move stop, prepared kit gantry modu
03081446-01Nozzle magacine type 30xx
03081570-01Guide rail
03081574S03COT-Insert MT 60
03081585-02Table Module MT 60
03081586-01FEEDER locking device 30/2 slots
03081674-01GUIDE PROFILE L=150mm
03081718S01conversion board cpl.
03081876S02tamp wheel cpl. Z=44 X16 N
03081908S02deflector rocker X12/X16 V2
03081927-01Montageschluessel Imbus Kopfkameras
03081962-01Cable splice sensor X12/X16 V2
03081975-02Centering bar 60/2 slots
03081997S02flap foil disposal X12 V2 cpl.
03082005S02stripping  foil disposal X16 N
03082041-04tape channel front X16 N
03082056S01window control panel X12/X16 black
03082057S01handhold complete X12/X16 V2
03082077-02Insert-Control SX4 cpl.
03082092-01Cleaning Wipe, KM-Wipe
03082139-01Upgrade SX4: Sensors reject box
03082143-01screw set camera / holding sheet
03082144-01screw set valve nounting
03082201-01PNEUMATIC COTi40 SX4
03082211-01holder lubrication system
03082214-01shim compl.
03082217S02Valve terminal cpl. - CE transducer CPP
03082256-01LP_Support spring loaded 94mm
03082310S01PCB photo interrupter encoder X12/X16 V2
03082356-01tamp wheel knurled compl. X4
03082376-03Compensator / Foil disposal X4
03082396S01Lifting Table Type A - DX4
03082418S01Cover cpl. -  CE transducer / CPP
03082470-01Distance Shaft D16 L=810mm
03082505S02leaf spring tape infeed  X12/X16 V2
03082533S0212-segm. C+P head DLM4 / w. out sleeves
03082560S03COT-Insert MT 30
03082572-02Centering bar  30/2 slots
03082592-01Karton-Stuelpdeckel fuer 03064172-01
03082605S02FCU / DX 12
03082610-01FEEDER UNLOCK DEVICE 60/2-way
03082639-02Table Module MT 30
03082677-01DRIVER (CERAMIC)
03082685-01FEEDER UNLOCK DEVICE 40/2-way
03082687S02FCU / DX 4
03082689S03COT-Insert MT 40
03082777-02Centering bar 40/2 slots
03082778-01FEEDER SEALING 40
03082789S05pickup window cpl. X16 N cpl.
03082793-01guide rail for the door
03082806S01Interference suppress. PCB Z motor DLM4
03082809S01Distributor SP6_12 digital DLM4
03082822-01ISO 10642 - M4x8-A2-70
03082904-01Refit kit TWIN Head captive screws
03082938-01TABLE PLATE REMOVABLE 30-slots
03082958-01protection bracket cpl.
03082982-02TABLE PLATE REMOVABLE 40-slots
03082983-01Spare Part Kit VGA Splitter Cable
03083001S01BE-Sensor / C+P20A
03083028-01DIN 988-3x6x0,1-1.4310
03083029-01DIN 988-8x14x1-1.4310
03083074-01Cable code reader DM100 lane 1 top
03083076-01Cable code reader DM100 lane 2 top
03083078-01Cable BC scanner DS1500 lane 1 top
03083080-01Cable BC scanner DS1500 lane 2 top
03083083-01Extension cable BC-scanner bottom
03083107-01shoe mounting foot 30mm
03083108-01shoe mounting foot 50mm
03083123-01Lading flap close magnet
03083184-02shifted gear2 Foil X12/16
03083218-01Adhesive label -not SX2
03083239-01Heater kompl.
03083795-02Flap Cover Front
03083835S01Turning system cpl. DLM4
03083836S02cover plate right X12/X16 V2
03083858S02cover plate left X12/X16 V2
03083864S01Z-Engine with interference supprees DLM4
03083883-01coding sheet boxes
03083984-01Bearingscrew Foil Flap X12/16 V2
03083995S06pick-up window cpl. /X12 V2
03083996-03tape channel front X12 V2
03084034-06stopper 25 SX pneumatic cpl.
03084121-01Thread Insert M4x1 20pcs.
03084122-01Thread Insert M4 1,5xd 20pcs.
03084131-01Thread Insert M4 2xd 20pcs.
03084132-01Tap Wrench Adjustable Size 0
03084178S01coding sheet cplt.
03084196S01springpin with spring X12/X16 V2
03084323S01Linear guiding/ SPS
03084401-02Patch cable CAT.5e S-FTP  l=3.44m GY
03084408S03PCB basic adapter DLM XE
03084466-01valve unit stopper cpl.
03084467-01Lock component reject box
03084482S01Clamping Plate DX4 cpl.
03084485-01Actuator DX4 cpl.
03084490-02Sliding Guide Clamping Plate
03084491-01Sliding Carrriage DX4
03084492S01Sliding Strip DX4
03084513-01On-Off pushbutton 3SB3 GN I / BK O 22mm
03084526-01Guide Rail Right PA 1.1
03084528-01Guide Rail Left PA 1.1
03084540-01Guide Rail PA 2.2
03084541-01Guide Rail PA 2.1
03084542-01Guide Rail PA 1.2
03084582-01Stop Rail Cpl.
03084610-01Steady-light element yellow 12V - 230V
03084611-01Steady-light element red 12V - 230V
03084634-01Waste slide complete DX4
03084719-02Clamp Unit SX4 1.1
03084725-03rocker X16 N
03084754-02Clamp Unit SX4 2.1
03084825-01Splitter cable DVI-D with ferrites
03084876S02foil rocker unit cpl. X16 N
03084904S02foil rocker unit cpl. X12 V2
03084918-01Clamping Plate  Cpl.
03085009-01Cable: Fans vacuum pump
03085119-01gauge motor foil disposal /X12-16 V2
03085120-02gauge motor tape drive /X12-16 V2
03085142S02Compensator cpl. /X44
03085154-01TABLE PLATE REMOVABLE 60-slots
03085240-01Door label transformer unit
03085247-01downholder pin
03085250-01Door label switching unit
03085309-01Case SIPLACE FCCS digital
03085312-01case SIPLACE fine calibration
03085313-01case SIPLACE X-Feeder care
03085314S01multi-frame tape splice gripper
03085315-03multi-frame splice clips, box a 4000 pcs
03085371S01Stripping sheet metal compensator X44
03085394S01CO camera C+P (type 30) 27x27, digital
03085395S01Configuration Option Stopper LBO SX1/2
03085402S01suitcase K2006
03085425-02side wall
03085456-01Fan X/Y motor
03085479-01TAPE CONNECTOR 8mm blue a 800 pcs
03085480-01TAPE CONNECTOR 12mm blue a 800 pcs
03085481-01TAPE CONNECTOR 16mm blue a 800 pcs
03085482-01TAPE CONNECTOR 24mm blue a 800 pcs
03085492-02SIPLACE X feeder upgrade X44 FS06 to 07
03085498-013/2-way - magnet valve / V114A-5MOU
03085513S01stiffener guide rail-buffer left SX4
03085517S02dummy splice sensor X12/X16 V2
03085518-01Add-on kit COT-I 30 CAN-Switch 2. WPC
03085557S01stiffener guide rail-buffer right SX4
03085603S01rocker complete X16 V2
03085605-01rocker axis X12/16 V2
03085638S02splice sensor X12/X16 V2
03085643-04flap-cover front cpl. X-series S
03085644-01Flap Cover Front complete DX4
03085658-01Flap Cover Top complete SX4
03085659-01Flap Cover Top complete DX4
03085665-04protective plate cpl. SX4 DX4
03085714-01Micro fuse 6.3x32 / T 2,5A / glass UL
03085726-01Vacuum-pressure masurement unit - HCSII
03085728-01knurled screw
03085729-01sheet arrester
03085739-02SIPLACE X feeder upgrade X24 FS06 to 07
03085743S01Stripping sheet metal /Foil disposal X24
03085747S01Stripping sheet metal compensator X24
03085748S02Compensator cpl. /X24
03085750S01Flap cpl. /foil disposal X24
03085751-02SIPLACE X feeder upgrade X32 FS06 to 07
03085752S01Flap cpl. /foil disposal X32
03085755S01Stripping sheet metal compensator X32
03085757S02Compensator cpl. /X32
03085758S01Stripping sheet metal /Foil disposal X32
03085761-02SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgrade X56 FS06 to 07
03085763S01Flap cpl. /foil disposal X56
03085766S01Stripping sheet metal compensator X56
03085767S02Compensator cpl. /X56
03085768S01Stripping sheet metal /Foil disposal X56
03085771-02SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgrade X72 FS06 to 07
03085772S01Flap cpl. /foil disposal X72
03085775S01Stripping sheet metal compensator X72
03085777S02Compensator cpl. /X72
03085778S01Stripping sheet metal /Foil disposal X72
03085781-02SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgrade X88 FS06 to 07
03085782S01Flap cpl. /foil disposal X88
03085785S01Stripping sheet metal compensator X88
03085786S02Compensator cpl. /X88
03085787S01Stripping sheet metal /Foil disposal X88
03085790S01Flap cpl. /foil disposal X44
03085800-02downholder COT-i left complete
03085805-01WASTE CONTAINER 800x650x200 mm
03085806-01WASTE CONTAINER 530x650x200 mm
03085807-01WASTE CONTAINER 400x650x200 mm
03085834-02downholder COT-i right cpl.
03085908S01Set  X-Lubric. system SX1 (pack 10pc.)
03085920-03rocker X12 V2
03085971-01Barcode Laminate X-Feeder Sec. 1 SX4
03085976-01BarcodeLaminate X-Feeder Sec. 2 SX4
03085994-01Barcode Laminate X-Feeder Sec. 3 SX4
03085995-01BarcodeLaminate X-Feeder Sec. 4 SX4
03086067-01Cover sheet right EGS center short (SX4)
03086070-01Cover sheet left EGS center short (SX4)
03086101-01Barcode Laminate X-Feeder Sec. 1 DX4
03086102-01BarcodeLaminate X-Feeder Sec. 2 DX4
03086104-01Barcode Laminate X-Feeder Sec. 3 DX4
03086107-01BarcodeLaminate X-Feeder Sec. 4 DX4
03086200S02fan assembly SX4
03086272-01Soft Plus Colormatic 2K Universal Putty
03086277-01Cover Y-Magnets SX4/DX4 incl accessories
03086279-01Caver Y-Magnets SX4flex incl Accessories
03086288-01DVD rewriter LG GP50NB40 external
03086298S01rocker complete X12 V2
03086323-02Nozzle station CP20-HCSII
03086359-01RAL-Acryl Lack CM 9011 sdgl.
03086360-01assortment box_354x323x55_14 bin
03086419-01Nozzle station CPx cplt. / X-,B-series
03086425-01Buffer unit DC24V UF20.241
03086441-02SPP Roll F Foil Disposal X 2x8
03086502-02 Force-measurement-unit - HCSII
03086515-01Unit for endurance test HCSII
03086541-02storage SPS - W5 cpl.
03086552S01Valve expander
03086553S01Valve expander clamping cylinder
03086594-02O-RING D3771 25X1-EPDM 50
03086638-01rod for bring back the moving blade
03086659-01extension spring refer. to specification
03086743-02Gas D3D3B90-135-430-006/230N
03086842-01holding plate for sensor Y-AXIS
03086852-01writing ASM white adhesive 140 mm
03086853-01writing Siplace white adhesive 170
03087101S02Mounting set CA hybrid SWS12 ILOC 1+3
03087102S02Mounting set CA hybrid SWS12 ILOC 2+4
03087159-01weld-assembly arrester buffer with hook
03087303S01Adjusting unit 2 WA DC SX4a.
03087304S01Adjusting unit 1 WA DC SX4a.
03087325-01Toothed belt BRECOFLEX 12 T5/3950
03087341S01magnetic shield X4
03087394-03Cylinder Unit 1 SX4a.
03087398-03Cylinder Unit 2 SX4a.
03087404-01storage SPS - L10 cpl.
03087459-01Reject box SX4a small cpl.
03087501-01Worm Drive Assembly Jig
03087508-02magazine SPS - Q10 cpl.
03087642S05Conveyor Controller TSP420 compl
03087685S01Cleaning box cer. nozzle type 30xx
03087886S02Magazine holder L10 cpl.
03087913S01stripping sheet metal X4
03087915S01tamp wheel plane X4
03087975-01drawer filter welded cpl.
03088037S01Pneumatic cylinder / SPS
03088072-01magazine holder Q10 cpl. SPS
03088119S01Ball joint with internal th. KBRM-03 MH
03088170-02Cable: SPS valve
03088191-01Stop-Guide Rail Left 599 Cpl.
03088196-01Stop-Guide Rail Right 599 Cpl.
03088220-02SPP feeder unlock  device
03088241S03BLDC motor BG65x50 cpl. w. cable + plug
03088282-04Actuator board GlueFeeder
03088304S01flap foil disposal cpl. X4/E2011
03088366S01pickup window X4
03088461S01locking sheet
03088463-03Cable canbus Ext.conveyor controller SX4
03088464-03Cable can-bus Int.conveyor controllerSX4
03088467-02Cable: downstr. stat. SMEMA int. LA1(A1)
03088475-02Cable: valve-1 width adjustment (A1)
03088522-02Cable PL-centring receiver-LLB2
03088549-02Cable: Sensor Bandmot. between-p. Track1
03088569-03Cylinder Unit 1 SX1a.
03088579-03Cylinder unit 2 SX1a.
03088584-01Plate Guide - lift table cmpl.
03088587-01Toothed belt BRECOFLEX 12 T5/1920
03088646-01One-way restrictor AS1201F-M3-04
03088651-03Cable: Sensor Motor breadth-adusting
03088652-02Cable: Motor, breadth-adusting Rev.2
03088677-01Sealing Ring 11,11x1,78 NBR 70 Shore
03088687S02lifting table plate cpl. 298 mm
03088692S01cover handle
03088696S02holder waste chute
03088710S01cover glue feeder left
03088801S01lifting table plate cpl. 701 mm
03088834-03Cable powersupply  PCBconveyor SX2 A1-A2
03088854-03Cable board-sensor LB23 (A2)
03088858-02Cable Sensor-2 Lane-1
03088863-04Cable: Motor, Bandmotor-input Track-2
03088871-03Cable: Sensor Bandmotor input Track-2
03088906-03Cable powersupply  PCB-conveyor SX12 A1
03088940S01tension spring RZ-057KI
03088949S01spring  PA cpl. SXa.
03089004S01Sonar sensor UB100-F77
03089018-01AC-to-DC converter 24V 20A
03089021-01Rectifier bridge 1200V 166A
03089024-01Rectifier brigde 800V 35A
03089046-01tube for cartridge
03089049-03Cable: Motor, breadth-adusting SX1a
03089050-03Cable: Sensor Motor breadth-adusting
03089064-02Nozzle, type 508-VHF
03089089-01Cable SX4a: Sensors reject box
03089188S01Adjusting unit 1 WA SC SX1a.
03089189S01Adjusting unit 2 WA SC SX1a.
03089220-03Gantry interface gantry 1 and 3 SX4a
03089221-03Gantry interface gantry 2 and 4 SX4a
03089379S01Cylinder - back part compl. / SPS
03089443-01Interface Cable RS-232
03089445-02Grounding plate for short circuit test
03089506-01X- read head mounting bracket
03089515-01llk asp speed flex complete
03089582S01Support pin compl. / SPS
03089614S02Board control / SPS
03089675-01Pull spring - reduced eye/  SPS
03089733S01Lifting cylinder 40 x 30ST
03089768-01door right cpl. SX12/ DX12
03089810-01Proximity switch D-M9PL 24VDC PNP 3m cab
03089829-01Encoder Bracket X-axis (D1/D2)
03089840-01paint pen B003
03089843S02COT-Insert 60/2-Slots
03089866-01Solenoid Valve 5/2-Micro Valve 518
03089868-01Encoder Bracket Y-axis (D1/D2)
03089869-01Encoder Bracket Y-axis (D4)
03089884-01Dispenser for blue tape connectors
03089888-03basic assembly PPW 2 array/W5 magazine
03089961S02COT-Insert 40/2-Slots
03090000-01torque wrench, snapped off, , 0,2-2Nm
03090001-01jaw plug tool 1-17 for torque wrench
03090019-01torque allen swap blade 2,5mm
03090043-01spanner wrench SW36
03090055S01Pulse counter CUB7CCS0 8-digit
03090079-01cover fan protective grid
03090091S01Control cable DP unit, force sensor-OSC
03090168S01Cylinder - front part compl. / SPS
03090192S01Inductive sensor bottom cpl. / SPS
03090201-01Read head MS22 X/Y 677mm
03090202-01Read head MS22 X/Y 950mm
03090225-01Option support ASP speed flex 2. array
03090227S01Spiral hose / SPS
03090273-01Spiral cable for SPS - gripper
03090343-02SPP spindle vertical adjustment WPC4/5/6
03090348-02Nozzle station CPx cpl. / X4iS, XS
03090642-01waste tape container / COT D4
03090669-01replacement pin, multiframe splice 2,5mm
03090670-01replacement pin, multiframe splice 2,0mm
03090756-01Return unit-VHF module
03090774-01feeler gauge 0,75mm plastic
03090775-01feeler gauge 0,4mm plastic
03090818-01Power resistor CJT20010RJJ
03090845-01Query reject bin SX4a_TH, CPP, MTC
03090846-01Cable: Sensors reject bin
03090848-01Adapter cable power BoxPC und coplan. pc
03090849-01Cable: Power 3D coplanarity sensor
03090922-01bearing cpl.
03090966-01Connection cable SPS SX1/2
03090998-02MHCU-BA connection PCB
03091013S04Module Head interface C700X-L HR
03091023S04Module Head interface C700X-R HR
03091025-01Lampholder feeder unlock pushbutton GN
03091027-01Adapter cable signaling MTC SX3/4a Vario
03091028-01Adapter cable safety MTC SX3/4a Vario
03091036-01Micro fuse 6.3x32 / T 8A / glass sand
03091053-01Mounting rail main switch
03091099-01Connection cable SPS SX4
03091134-01PCB magazine identification SPS
03091157S04Placement head CP20p without camera
03091163-01buffer return unit-VHF
03091165-01Cable: SMEMA filter upstream X/X4i
03091218-01Spring steel sheet
03091261-01Handle GN 528-ESD-117-8,5-SW
03091276-01adapter cable VGA - DVI (250mm)
03091291-02SPP Roll F Foil Rocker X12 V2
03091292-02SPP Roll F Foil Rocker X16 V2
03091452-01Segment Adjustment Tool
03091492-01Laser light-barrier ES04 receiver w.Con.
03091584S02flap foil disposal X16 N cpl.
03091603S01Camera view screen VHF-Modul- SX1/2
03091711S01washer for clamping plate
03091730-01torque swap blade 2x0,4mm Flat-headed
03091791S01washer for clamping plate
03091945-01Foam rubber profile 1566 L=140
03091950-01door left cpl. SX12+DX12
03091958-01Sheet metal parts GCU
03092020-01track ruler and safely mark emply type
03092024-01bearing hexagon shaft SXa.
03092025-02Cable-1: Sensor Bandmotor input Track-1
03092077-01Spare Filter
03092094-01bearing cpl.
03092227-01waste tape container / COT D1/D2
03092285-01Main Error Lamp
03092345S01Drive unit cpl. SXa.
03092384S01Pressure roll / SPS
03092400-02Component sensor CP20p
03092408S02Fibre optic cable LL3-TV05 3m
03092453S02clamp unit B1 SXa.
03092486-01guide profile
03092492S01Thread Sealant Loctite 55 150m
03092514-01sensor-cable W46 laser side-panel-C1
03092536-02contact plate clamp Unit SXa.
03092543-01drive unit width adjustment cpl. SXa.
03092578S01lightsensor transmitter cpl. SXa.
03092610-01Distributorbo. Funct. Checked 24/32 DPF
03092612-01Distributorboard Funct. Checked 44 DPF
03092613-01Distributorboard Funct. Checked 56 DPF
03092614-01Distributorboard Funct. Checked 72 DPF
03092616-01Distributorboard Funct. Checked 88 DPF
03092666-01valve cluster 2-slot
03092667-01valve cluster 3-slot
03092712S02clamp unit C2 SXa.
03092724-01Cable Clip VM-1010
03092736-01Partition Plate
03092756S01Mobile Energy Interface Sub-Assembly
03092871-01ribbon cable deflector
03092891S02clamp unit B2 SXa.
03092899S01pulley SXa.
03092901S02clamp unit C1 SXa.
03092973S02clamp unit A2 SXa.
03092989S02clamp unit D1 SXa.
03092995-01 actuator SXa.
03092996S02clamp unit A1 SXa.
03092997S02clamp unit D2 SXa.
03093055-01Push-in bulkhead connector QSS-F-6
03093146S01synchronous belt L=1500 mm
03093170-01heater key
03093199S01clamping rail PA SX1 compl.
03093200-01connector KK3P-06E
03093201-01connector KK3S-08H
03093204S04COT insert SX4 speed
03093273S01Inductive sensor top cpl. / SPS
03093294-01Fibre opt.sensor WLL180T-M preconfig SXa
03093295-01Fibre opt.sensor WLL180T-F preconfig SXa
03093312S01synchronous belt L=1239 mm
03093314S01synchronous belt L=1158 mm
03093387-01DC-Gear motor with synchronizing disc SX
03093445S01Cover conveyor control cpl.
03093448S01Flex holder cpl., CP20p
03093482S01Cover, bottom cpl. C+P20p
03093721S03Adapter board cpl. CP20p
03093766-02belt support A/C PA2 OS SX4a.
03093767-02belt support A/C PA2 IS SX4a.
03093784-01Motor c.-1, belt mot., pl. pos.1, lane 1
03093796S01cover glue feeder right
03093837-02SPK Blade Set For 03063781-xx SX1/2
03093880-02belt support A/C PA1 OS SX4a.
03093894-02belt support A/C PA1 IS SX4a.
03093895-02Adjustment-Jig crash-LS-WPC4-6 (step)
03093985-01sheet 5 PA2 side panel SX4a.
03094006-01hexagon shaft SX1a.
03094044S01clamping unit A/C PA1 cpl. SX4a.
03094060S01cartridge holder cpl.
03094093S01Clamping unit B/D PA1 cpl. SX4a.
03094112-01nozzle type 1069 / vacuum test C+P20
03094115S01clamping rail A/C PA2 380 450 cpl. SX4a.
03094116-01synchronous belt L=753 mm
03094127S01clamping rail A/C PA1 380 450 cpl. SX4a.
03094135-01nozzle type 2069 cpl. / vacuum test CPP
03094143-01Clamp lever for multi-splicetool
03094164S02safety  arrangement GlueFeeder
03094175-01cap nut jet heater
03094177-01spare fluidics
03094179S02O-ring pusher NBR TF 2x1,5 OR2N15 10pc.
03094182-01Needle jet ND6150 (150 microm.)
03094185-01o-ring for Optimum adaptor 30ccm
03094186-01o-ring for optimum adaptor 10ccm
03094220-01flat jet FD6100
03094257-01Standard nozzle 508 VHFM
03094325-02Belt guide A/C PA1 IS+ SX4a.
03094341-02Belt guide A/C PA2 OS+ SX4a.
03094433-02belt support B/D PA2 OS SX4a.
03094434-02belt support B/D PA2 IS SX4a.
03094439-01Adapter cab. SATA male - Molex fe. 0.12m
03094452S01clamping rail B/D PA2 450 cpl. SX4a.
03094503-01Grease nipple for carriage above
03094505-01Grease nipple for carriage below
03094510S03Belt guide A/C OB SX1a.
03094516-01Compact connector 3-conductor 222-413
03094519-01protection waste chute DX1/2 left
03094522-01protection waste chute DX1/2 right
03094526-02belt support B/D PA1 IS SX4a.
03094528-02belt support B/D PA1 OS SX4a.
03094558S01pressure regulator LR-M7-D-O-7 complete
03094559S01manometer 4K8-10P complete
03094560S01manometer 4K8-4P complete
03094576-02Belt guide B/D PA1 IS+ SX4a.
03094584-02Belt guide B/D PA2 AS+ SX4a.
03094585S03PCB dyn. load connection, power circuit
03094630S02Belt guide B/D OB SX1a.
03094709-01Assembly holding plate BE-dropping cpl.
03094721-01hexagon shaft SX4a.
03094725S01Cover plate f. head board cpl.
03094731S01Control Computer BoxPC 627C
03094732S01Control Computer BoxPC 827C
03094979S02Belt guide A/C IB SX1a.
03094995-01Scanning head MS 22.84, X axis
03094996-01Scanning head MS22.84, Y axis
03095007-01Gasket Kit Retaining Circle / CPP
03095033S02Belt guide B/D IB SX1a.
03095047-0130ccm cart.adapter plastic Art.Nr. KA30
03095057-0110ccm cart.adapter plastic Art. Nr. KA10
03095143-03PCB vacuum sensor holding circuit CP20p
03095179-01MD calibration module, conveyor
03095427-01SPK for X12/X16 V2
03095447-01Holder a. protector f. actuator
03095505-03Retaining spring foil packing X8Smart
03095834-01plug connection SCN-PK-4
03095866-01Sensor BNS 260-02 01ZG-L, SCHMERSAL
03095872-01Midget Open-End Wrench Size 8
03095875-01Disposable syringe Omnifix 35cc
03095878-01Cleaning spray ZESTRON HC
03095880-01BARRIERTA grease L55/3, 0,5g
03095882-02Maintenance kit, Glue Dispenser
03095939-02Energy chain, series 047.10.018 ESD
03095940-01Energy chain series 047.10.018 ESD
03095978-01protection sheet drive unit SXa.
03095990-01protection googles
03096153-01Special Allen key
03096272-01Snap Rivet Diam.4x5,5-6,5 black
03096281-01Belt drive decoupled
03096288-01Magnetvalve VOVG reworking
03096290S01Bellows suction d = 5.5, D = 8.8mm
03096297-01Plastic End-Stop Tape Cutter SX1/2
03096352-01Elastomere Spring 20x8,5x22 (92 Shore A)
03096377S05X-FCU V2, X-series
03096391-01spring 0,63x6,4x33,0mm
03096426-01Reject box close to 2x JTF2
03096471-01Gas spring 350N (D4)
03096482S01Safety sensor protection cover rework
03096487S01Dispensing valve P-DOT with cable rework
03096489S01Cable: Pressurised air valve rework
03096497-01baffle plate sensor SXa.
03096502-02distance sensor SXa.
03096640-02covering conveyor module SX4
03096682-02SIPLACE X feeder upgrade X16 FS06 to 07
03096848S01Flap cpl., foil disposal X16
03096870-01S-FCU 12-fold
03096872-01S-FCU 20-fold
03096886S01Connecting hose + cable ext. Glue Feeder
03096917-01Cable CAN bus ext. single conv. R SX4
03096918-01Cable CAN bus int. single conv. R SX4
03096933S01Stripper plate, foil disposal X16
03096946S01GR gantry 40 mm
03097025S02Rocker cpl. X16
03097090-01Tensioning roller cpl.
03097110-01Cap, small die
03097172-01Loctite 561
03097173-01circular wire brush zuzn d 4mm
03097216-01EMC suppressor mod. RC 3x400V 575VAC 4kW
03097370-01Setting gauge proximity switch_bumper
03097403-01Iglidur bearing WFM-1416-08
03097435-01Scale X axis f. D4
03097485S01Pick+Place module THK R2
03097486S01Pick+Place module high force R2
03097631S01Head main board VHF head
03097710S01Pressure regulator holder cpl.
03097716-01Pneum. sys. installation location 1 SX4a
03097848S01Clamp. rail B/D PA1 450 cpl. SX4a.
03097857S01pressure regulator LR-M7-D-O-7 compl(3)
03097944-01Retrofit Kit, Single BoxPC, D-Series
03098048-01Strain relief Z encoder Twin
03098065-01ISO 14581 M 5 x 14,7-8.8,chem.Ni.
03098183-01Motor prot. switch PKE32/XTU-32 cpl. 3p.
03098184-01Door coupling handle PKE-XRH
03098236S02Z axis die ejector (1,3) magnet
03098363-01Circuit breaker 5SY4 1-pole 10A C
03098364-01Auto Circuit Breaker 5SY4/1pol/10A-AC
03098367S02Z axis die ejector (2,4) magnet
03098427-01Gas spring 400N (D1D2)
03098428-01Gas spring 420N (D1D2)
03098429-01Gas spring 460N (D1D2)
03098442S02CO trolley insert SX4 vario
03098544-01Nozzle type 4004 cpl. ceramic
03098561S02Pin magazine W5 cpl. / SPS
03098605S01stripping  foil disposal X12 N
03098645-01Parts set f. ReConfig VHF Head SX1/2
03098748-01Nozzle type 4235 cpl. TPU
03098833S01clamping unit PA A/C cpl. SXa.
03098837S01clamping unit PA B/D cpl. SXa.
03098897S01Cable set X-FCU on docking stat.X 116933
03098901-03SIPLACE DLM Motor Tester
03098972-03Cover sheet, tilted
03099004-01IC camera adaptor assembly SP4 SX4a
03099054-01IC camera adaptor assembly
03099226-01USB repeater cable A-plug - A-jack 5m
03099236-01LED bulb socket B15d 24V AC/DC clear
03099405-02Main memory SDRAM DDR3 PC3-8500 2GB
03099461-03Protective plate, angled, cpl. X4i S
03099510-02Barcode film X feeder sector 1 SX4a
03099567-01clamp rail, thick board SX1a., cpl.
03099684-01Nozzle type 4007 cpl. ceramic
03099697-01Nozzle type 4034 cpl. TPU
03099699-01Barcode film X feeder sector 3 SX4a
03099701-01Nozzle type 4032 cpl. TPU
03099713-01Nozzle type 4033 cpl. TPU
03099716-01Nozzle type 4133 cpl. TPU
03099718-01Nozzle type 4036 cpl. TPU
03099720-01Nozzle type 1008 cpl.
03099722-01Nozzle type 4135 cpl. TPU
03099726-02Barcode film X feeder sector 2 SX4a
03099728-01Nozzle type 4035 cpl. TPU
03099730-01Barcode film X feeder sector 4 SX4a
03099776S02X4 S parts for housing config
03099777S05X-series S MTC parts for housing config
03099780-01Encoder bracket, X axis (D4_revised)
03099843-01PCB Power Fail
03100045-01Compact cylinder ADN-16-20-P-A-SA
03100139-01Proximity Sensor SME-8M-DS-24V-K-2,5-OE
03100257-01mainten.label 10pcs.lubrication adap.SX
03100339-01cover plate head board SX4 normal cpl.
03100340-01cover plate head board SX4 turned cpl.
03100525S02Cover plate left cpl. X8Smart
03100526S02Cover plate right cpl. X8Smart
03100529-01Assembly kit flap PCB-Barcode X-series S
03100568-01Dummy Feederfor LDU position
03100633-01ISO 7089 - 3 - 200 HV - A2
03100636-01ISO 7089 - 6 - 200 HV - A2
03100695-01guide bushing V (for jetventil)
03100782S01tamp wheel cpl. Z=44 X12 N
03100814-01accessories calibration for HCS II
03100940-01Partition plate tape reel container
03100959S01Hose+flat ribbon guide-VHF-Twin
03100995-01Foil box sheet metal foil packingX8Smart
03101019S01Fan sheet metal cpl. X4 S
03101127-02Controller board X8Smart
03101192S03EDIF secondary cpl. X8Smart
03101254-01Cable upstream adv. PCB interf. tr1
03101255-02Cable downstream adv. PCB interf. tr1
03101402S01PCB camera (type 34) 28 GigE
03101437-02Window control panel X8Smart
03101471S01Foil rocker unit cpl. X8Smart
03101500-01Illuminated push button 3SB3 GN 26x6mm
03101503-01Nozzle magazine type 40xx
03101664-01Strain relief_connector_spiral cable/SPS
03101672S01CO camera C+P (type30) 27x27 GigE
03101743-01Return unit VHF-Twin
03101819-01Rod service tool
03101821-01Rod sealing inside 2x1,7 P583/NBR70
03101876-01DYNAMIC D-3200M Receptac. 2x6-pin XX key
03101916-01Light barrier receiver output belt
03101917-01Light barrier receiver input belt
03101925-01Light barrier transmitter output belt
03101926-01Light barrier transmitter input belt
03101927-01Light barrier transmitter placement belt
03101981-01Nozzle type 4103 cpl. ceramic
03102065-01RSF MS30.53 MK scanning head Y axis
03102066-01RSF MS30.53 MK scanning head X axis
03102068-010,5g grease O-Ring NBR inside
03102124S01Control cable-VHF-Twin
03102140S01JTF-M (Tray Feeder)
03102270-01adapter cable f. extension box
03102293-01lamp 8W for light table siscan avs
03102344-01Nozzle type 4107 cpl. ceramic
03102397-01Shunt release A-PKZ0 24VDC
03102428S05Control panel cpl. X8Smart
03102457-01Nozzle type 4105 cpl. ceramic
03102459-01Nozzle type 4106 cpl. ceramic
03102480-01Hose holder / SPS
03102482-01Cover plate / SPS
03102532S03DP drive CP20p cpl.
03102699-01Tester PG1-I (MS22/MS30) cpl.
03102797-01paint pen C004
03102798-01paint pen  C005
03102800-02D series Control Computer BoxPC ABP402-A
03102840-01AC/DC converter DC24V/40A 3-phase
03102855-01linear bearing rail and carriage Typ B
03102921S01PCB camera type 34HU
03102963-01Nozzle type 1009 cpl.
03103054-01Sprocket wheel sealing X8Smart
03103081-01Buffer module PCS417.381
03103087-01AC/DC Converter DC300/150V 1.3kW 3-phase
03103108S01Placement head C+P20M/ without camera
03103116-01LED module tower light green LU5-E-G
03103121S01Tower light standard
03103211-01Connection cable fault indicator lamp
03103212-01DVI extension cable DVI-D 24+1 2m
03103235S01Board, adapter board C+P20M
03103331-01AC-/DC-Converter 36V 26.7A 960W 3-Phase
03103351-01Trailing cable Y SIPLACE SX4a speed 2G E
03103359-01Trailing cable X SIPLACE SX4a speed 2G E
03103370-01SIPLACE S feeder motor tester
03103371-01Extension box w/ cable
03103372-01Ground cable terminals included
03103384-01S Feeder Repair Package
03103448-01Cable BC scanner DS1500 lane 1 bottom
03103477S04Position controller gantry axes MGCU-3
03103478-01Trailing cable X SIPLACE SX4a vario 2G
03103485-01Trailing cable Y SIPLACE SX4a vario 2G O
03103501-01loss protection for M4 CK67, GEO SI
03103514S01NC base structure CPx/all cpl., long
03103518-01Lever narrow cpl.
03103544-01Nozzle type 4108 cpl. ceramic
03103546-02Trailing cable Y SIPLACE SX4a vario 2G E
03103553-01Nozzle type 4109 cpl. ceramic
03103558-01Trailing cable Y SIPLACE SX3a vario
03103574-01Gantry interface 1/3 CA series 20um
03103575-01Head interface C500 CA series 20um
03103583-01combination wrench ws19 qt
03103598-01Transformer for WPC4/5/6
03103602-01Gantry-interface 2/4 CA series 20um
03103649S01NC base structure CPx/all cpl., short
03103784S01Hose, DP vacuum CP20p
03103836-01Terminal bar 160
03103904S01Motor foil drive cpl. 8bit X8Smart
03103906S01Drive motor 8bit X8Smart
03103926-01Empty tape duct cpl. M2
03103947-01bearing assembly
03103955-01Flap cover front part 40mm
03103961S01Fixed table w/ JTF3 M2
03104023-01Flat ribbon holder VHF-Twin
03104025-01STEIERFORM 87-15816_50m x 20mm
03104052-01Locking bracket SAMTEC
03104269S03PCB control panel complete X8Smart
03104322-01Pressure s. gantry distributor CP20p cpl
03104369S01Fan cpl. / CP20p
03104490-01Stop rail 30/2-fold M2
03104500-01Stop rail 25-fold
03104532S01Fixed table w/ JTF3 M3
03104533-01Stop rail 30/2-fold M3
03104541-01CO reject box M
03104547-01Empty tape duct cpl. M3
03104558-01Dummy splice sensor X8Smart
03104671S01SPS pin picker 40mm machine
03104717-01Pressure sensor SPAB-B2R-F-2P-K1
03104733-01Shim f. nozzle reject device
03104767-01holder cpl. pin magazine Q10 SPS M
03104768-01Trailing cable X SIPLACE X4iS GigE 2G E
03104773-01Trailing cable Y SIPLACE X4iS GigE 2G E
03104774-01Trailing cable Y SIPLACE X4S GigE 2G O
03104776-01Trailing cable X SIPLACE X4S GigE 2G O
03104777-01Trailing cable Y SIPLACE X3S GigE
03104780-01Trailing cable Y SIPLACE X4S GigE 2G E
03104859-01Camera screen cpl. VHF-Twin-Head
03104891-03Cable BC scann. Lector-620 lane 1 bottom
03104892-02Cable BC scanner Lector-620 lane 1 top
03104894-01Cable BC scanner Lector-620 lane 2 top
03104896-01Cable w/ connector 2m SSL-2J04-G02ME
03104925-01Component protection lateral CP20p
03104959-01Adapter connector X25
03104960-01RFK distance light barrier CS/Sxx
03105008S01NT Setup Kit SX12 prep. 2.G. from N001G
03105017-01Add-on kit WPC M2 CAN switch X series S
03105100-01Cardboard box slip lid f. Mag.150x64-128
03105177S01Flex holder barcode scanner compl.
03105195S02CO camera C+P (type 23) 6x6 GigE
03105196S01CO camera stat. P+P (type36) 32x32 GigE
03105198S01CO camera stat. P+P (type33) 55x45 GigE
03105205S01CO camera stat. P+P (type25) 16x16 GigE
03105259-01Stop CO40mm
03105312S02Pick-up window cpl. X4Smart
03105315S01Foil rocker unit cpl. X4Smart
03105575-01GigE Ethernet adapter PCI-E I340-T4
03105638-01Sealing disk CP20p
03105707-01Nozzle type 4042 cpl. ceramic
03105711-02Nozzle type 4044 cpl. ceramic
03105714-01Nozzle type 4046 cpl. ceramic
03105863-013 layer main error lamp
03105871S013 layer main error lamp tower assembly
03106012-01Snap Rivet DRM 4x4,5-5,5 black
03106016-01Buffer module PCS417.771
03106206S02Stripper foil disposal X4Smart plastic
03106244-01Nozzle type 4069 cpl. / vacuum test
03106350-02Installation kit JTF3 for SX12
03106359-01Cable: Adapter power stationary cameras
03106361-01Cable: Extension pneumatic system
03106362-01Cable harness distributor X series S
03106365-01Cable: Extension power vacuum pump
03106370S01Add-on kit conveyor CANswitch X series S
03106380S01CO camera CPP (SST45) 15x15 GigE
03106620-01Pressure regulator
03106777-01Gas spring 6-15
03106780-01Patch cable CAT.6A S-FTP 0.4m RD SI7-004
03106789-01FCCS support f. VTS SST25/33/36
03106790S01Stripper foil disposal X8Smart
03106796-01FCCS support f. VTS SST23/41
03106815-02Reject box large cpl.
03106818-02Reject box small cpl.
03106821-01Nozzle station CPx cpl. / SX4a f JTF3 M
03106836-01FCCS f. VTS SST28/29/38 cpl.
03106851-01Auto Circuit breaker 3-pol 10A C
03106852-01Auto Circuit breaker 3-pol 4A C
03106853-01Auto Circuit breaker 1-pol 10A B
03106854-01Auto Circuit breaker 1-pol 6A B
03106855-01Auto Circuit breaker 1-pol 6A C
03106856-01Auto Circuit breaker 3-pol 20A D
03106857-01Auto Circuit breaker 3-pol 32A D
03106858-01Auto Circuit breaker 1-pol 6A C ACDC
03106859-01Auto Circuit breaker 1-pol 10A C ACDC
03106860-01Auto Circuit breaker 1-pol 10A D ACDC
03106879-0117-inch Monitor with USB AS-1707A
03106905-01Nozzle type 40xx SOKO-top part cpl.
03106907-01Nozzle type 40xx SOKO rubber tip cpl.
03106980-01protective plate cpl. X-series S
03107028S02Splice sensor X8Smart cpl.
03107136-02Foam sealing X8Smart
03107453-01Sensors reject box JTF3
03107491-01Option vacuum pump HCSII cpl.
03107505-02Flap foil packing cpl. X8Smart
03107553-01SIEMENS PLC LOGO 24 (w/ Di program)
03107579-01Nozzle type 1010 cpl.
03107638-03Detent sleeve f. nozzles type 40xx
03107651S02Clean. cassette ceram. nozzles type 40xx
03107657-01Guide plate 40xx long
03107666-01Safety switch D4DS-K3
03107670-01DC Contactor 3TC4417-0AB4
03107676-04Pick-up window cpl. X8Smart
03107749-01RFK Shaft support motor pro. switch PKE2
03107880-01case w. inlay Head Exchange Kit
03107881-02case w. inlay Head Maintenance Kit
03107904-01ISO 8734 - 3m5 x 8 - A-ST
03107960-01Nozzle type 40xx SOKO top part ESD cpl.
03108110-01Retrofit kit heat dissipation location 1
03108261S01magazine foil 40xx  30 pcs
03108403S02Slider foil packing cpl. X8Smart
03108457S01Upgrade kit - pressure sensor vac. CP20p
03108598-01CAN Interface CINX
03108631S01Pre-/discharge assembly
03108641-01Filter disc removal device /CP20p
03108652-01Crash-LS feed-axis normal compon. WPC6
03108694-01gap cover cpl.
03108707-01Packaging CP20p - plastic
03109065-02DP change tool CP 20 p
03109148-01Extractors type TE Connectivity AMP
03109300-01Vacuum valve Becker ST 613-0-2
03109302-01spanner size 10
03109304-01Double wrenches size 17x19
03109398-01Basic upgrade kit CP20p / X-series S
03109439-01light barrier tra./res.SX1 V2/X-Serie S
03109522-01torque allen swap blade 3 mm
03109540-01Combitips advanced 10 ml orange
03109541-02Head Maintenance Kit for CPx
03109567-01Head exchange kit, option f. CP20A
03109570-01Head Exchange Kit option for CPP
03109627-01Combitips advanced 0,1 ml white
03109643-01Head Maintenance Kit option for CP20A
03109668S02MHCU cpl.
03109692-01Head Maintenance Kit option for CPP
03109694-01Head Exchange Kit for CPx
03109696-01Retrofit kit heat dissipation location 4
03109907-01DVI EDID/DDC emulator adapter
03110132-01Screw seal M4
03110147-01Ultrasonic Cleanser Alsar 25 NKF
03110183-01SPP Circuit Breaker Actuator COT 60
03110190S01JTF-S (Tray Feeder)
03110216S01JTF Adaptor for JTF-M
03110217S01Stack 18 for JTF-M
03110218S01Magazine 14 f. JTF-M
03110222S01Magazine sheet f. JTF-M magazines
03110320-01stabilisation motor protection switch
03110412-01Warning label  -  Not intervention
03110417-01JTF ML FDK
03110552S01JTF Adaptor JTF-S
03110607S01Fixed table with WPC
03110641-01Stop rail WPC table XS
03110660-01Warning label Dangerous voltages Xseries
03110661-01Warning label Dangerous voltages SX12
03110671-04Cable harness components TX
03110673-02Cable harness data trailing interface TX
03110675-03Cable harness CAN-Bus TX
03110691-02Hood switch TX
03110692-01Fan monitored
03110698-01Fan 48VDC 92x92x38mm complete
03110751S03Adapter board cpl. CP20p
03110865S02PCBA EDIF irDA board II
03110962-01Mounting aid WPC4-6 old LB cpl.
03110969-01Mounting aid WPC6 HC cpl.
03111013-01Empty tape duct WPC M2
03111440-02Waste Slide Welded WPC / JTF
03111635S01Table plate removable + components
03111675-01Motordriver IC U9 of Control PCB_2033989
03111678-01JTF Motordriver IC U4 of Control_2034101
03111679-01JTF Conveyorbelt1.27x9.65x1646R_15001060
03111680-01JTF Conveyorbelt1.27x9.65x1680L_15001061
03111682-01JTF RETAINING E RING 1016859
03111684-01JTF BEARING,.19IDX.38ODX.156W_1029151
03111685-01JTF URETHANEBELT,ENDLESS1/8 x6 L_1032405
03111686-01JTF Cam Follower_1035947
03111689-01JTF BEARING,FLNGD,6IDX15ODX5MM_1046980
03111690-01JTF DOWELPIN.250ODX500L HD ALLOY_1047148
03111691-01JTF TORSION SPRING, MODIFIED,_3039452
03111693-01JTF CLAMPFOOT U70D_8047228
03111694-01JTF RETAIN RING, EXT.,.125 SHAFT_1000039
03111697-01JTF BEARING,TEFL 3MMID6MMOD4MM L_1036796
03111698-01JTF KNUCKLE PIN, 3X6MMW/SNAPRING_1037639
03111699-01JTF TORSION SPRING REWORK9046085_3046088
03111703-01JTF DOWEL PIN,.125 ODX.312LHDSS_1000045
03111704-01JTF Plastic Bushing 4mmID5.5mmOD_1036227
03111705-01JTF Tuere komplett_9041300
03111729-01JTF BEARING BF.250 ID.500OD.218W_1031614
03111744-01JTF DAUGHTER BOARD ASSY RS-232_9039470
03111771-01JTF Cylinder, 30mm Stroke_1033915
03111772-01JTF CYLINDER, RODL.150STK6MMBOR_1039244
03111783-01JTF COUPLING FLEX 3 16-3 16_1043899
03111786-01JTF MOTOR ASSY, ELEVAT., JEDECII_9038306
03111787-01JTF MOTOR ASSY, ELEVATOR, JTF3_9038313
03111789-01JTF AIR CYLIND FEEDPUSH10BRX15ST_1047143
03111792-01JTF SENSOR THRU BEAM_2028846
03111793-01JTF PROXIMITY SWITCH (CE) JEDEC_2031877
03111794-01JTF SENSOR THRU-BEAM LIGHT-ON_2035879
03111795-01JTF PROXY SENSOR HALL EFF 3mm_2019342
03111798-01JTF Sensor,Tray Home3-wireRedLen_2041604
03111799-01JTF SOLENOID VALVE ASSY, JTF3_9080407
03111807-01JTF DOWEL PIN 2MM OD X 12MM L SS_1036915
03111808-01JTF SENSOR FLAG_8035246
03111810-01JTF BLOCK, CYLINDER SLIDER_8046958
03111811-01JTF RETURN PUSHER EXT.STROKE _8039242
03111813-01JTF HOST CABLE, JTF2 TO SIPLACE_9039609
03111814-01JTF SPRING COMP.360OD.316ID1.0LG_1040105
03111815-01JTF DOUBL.KNUCKLE JOINT _1047142
03111957-01Connecting ca. M12 17p / D-Sub-HD 15p 2m
03111983-01JTF Control PCB Assy JTF-M_9036241
03111984-01JTF Control PCB Assy JTF-S_9036240
03112066S03Contactor safety breaker (CSB) SMPS
03112265-02MODULE Gantry Sensor HCU TX
03112268-01Flat cable set CPP TX
03112414S01CAN-Bus cable FKU
03112419S01Cable: Power FCU
03112457-02Stuffing wheel smooth X4Smart
03112555-01Sensors reject box WPC M2
03112643-01Head Maintenance Kit option for CP20P
03112674S01Trailing cable X Assy TX G2
03112675-01Trail. cable Y TX G2
03112678S01Trail. cable X Assy TX G1
03112680-01Trail. cable Y TX G1
03112708-01Z-Drive Flip Head
03112710-02JTF S/M Wearing Part Kit 9902001
03112711-01Transfer-X Motor Die Attach
03112729-01Protective cover CO sensor CP20p
03112748-01Power supply 24V/1,3A Puls ML30.241
03113135-01Nozzleset for C+P20P Head
03113144-01basic body, NC second bank_WPC
03113182S01Safety Cover JTF-M Loc2 XS
03113183S01Safety Cover JTF-M Loc3 XS
03113231-01Cover Handle XS for JTF Loc3 compl
03113543-01Setscrew MC
03113667-01Board cover compl. / CP20p
03113720-01Bridge cover WPC on X-series S
03113746-01stop left cpl.
03113750-01stop right cpl.
03113847-01Cable PCB centering laser LLBt2 panel-C
03113848-01Cable PCB centering sensor LLBr2 panel-D
03114066-01Main switch 3-pole 25A type P1-25/V/SVB
03114177S01Ctrl computer BoxPC-427D proc.i3 2xPCIe
03114439S03Head interface 1 TX
03114620-01front-end-spool for Proportional-valve
03114808-01Head Exchange Kit option for CP20P
03114835-01JTF ML adapter cpl.
03114873-01Lifting table plate M-C
03115074S02Assembly vacuum pump
03115109-01Basic Body, NC Second Bank_WPC, Base
03115118-01protective plate WPC cpl. X-series S
03115169-01Monitor DV1224-007 12.1 inch
03115454S03Vision Head Interface (VHI) cpl.
03115474S03Vision Base Interface (VBI) cpl.
03115569-01GigE Ethernet adapter PCI-E I350T2V2BLK
03115762-01Sheet metal 10x1x205,5 OS M-C
03115810S01Trailing interface 1
03115814S01Trailing interface 2
03115821-01Nozzle type 4028 cpl. ceramic
03116049-01I/O control unit II X series S cpl.
03116117-01Ceram Pads 2x2mm (Blister Tape)
03116147S02Gantry interface 2
03116149S02Gantry interface 1
03116272S01Holder tower light
03116440-01Vakuumerzeuger HF kpl.
03116600-02Board cover cpl.
03116633S01CO camera C+P (type 41) 6x6 GigE C-MOS
03116648S03Head interface 2 TX
03116663S01Installation kit LL3 A/C MC
03116664S01Installation kit LL3 B/D MC
03116665-01Sheet metal 10x1x370.5 IS PA M-C
03116882-01Cover cpl. CP20p
03116883S01Orifice plate cpl. CP20p
03117039S01Stuffing wheel , geared cpl. X16
03117040S01Stuffing wheel , geared cpl. X24
03117041S01Stuffing wheel , geared cpl. X32
03117043S01Stuffing wheel geared cpl. /X44
03117044S01Stuffing wheel geared cpl. /X56
03117045S01Stuffing wheel geared cpl. /X72
03117046S01Stuffing wheel geared cpl. /X88
03117048S01Stuffing wheel , geared cpl, rocker /X16
03117050S01Stuffing wheel , geared cpl, rocker /X24
03117051S01Stuffing wheel , geared cpl, rocker /X32
03117053S01Stuffing wheel geared cpl. rocker /X44
03117054S01Stuffing wheel geared cpl. rocker /X56
03117061S01Stuffing wheel geared cpl. rocker /X72
03117062S01Stuffing wheel geared cpl. rocker /X88
03117064S01Foil disposal complete /X16
03117065S01foil wing cpl. /X16 PSA
03117102S01Foil disposal complete /X24
03117103S01Folienschwinge kpl. /X24
03117106S01Foil disposal complete /X32
03117107S01foil wing cpl. /X32
03117108S01Foil disposal complete /X44
03117109S01foil wing complete /X44
03117174S01Foil disposal complete /X56
03117176S01foil wing /X56
03117340S01Foil disposal complete /X72
03117341S01Folienschwinge kpl. /X72
03117356S01Foil disposal complete /X88
03117357S01Folienschwinge kpl. /X88
03117531S02Position controller gantry axes MGCU-2
03117848S01Attachment-cpl.-head suspension
03117888-01Bridge cover WPC on X-series S short
03117921-04Flap LOC2 TX
03118041-01silencer AMTE-M-LH-M5
03118110S01Dip plate LDU HA cpl.
03118173-01Combitips advanced 0,1 ml red
03118286S01Distrib. and fusing assy cpl. SX12
03118289S01Distrib. and fusing assy cpl. X series S
03118364-01Circuit breaker FAZ-C10/3 10A 3p
03118406-01fit-up aid, GC, X-Axis HSxx/D1,2,4
03118408-01actuating lever,motor-circ.sw.PKZ2/PKE32
03118416-01LAN card PCI Express 2x Gigabit LAN
03118428-01right actuator  AZM 161-B1
03118522-01Waste tape container AUER
03118539-01Klueberoil Lamora D 220, 30ml
03118601-04Flap LOC1 TX
03118640-04Flap long LOC1 TX
03118756S01lightsensor transmitter cpl. SXa.
03118758S01light sensor receiver cpl. SXa.
03118852-01DC contactor DILM17-10(RDC24) 7.5kW/400V
03118995-01Measuring device LDU HA
03119123S01Motor cpl. foil disposal X8Smart
03119126-01Cover Y magnet 62x120 SX1/X-/SX4
03119127-01Cover Y magnet 120x511 X-/SX4
03119128-01Cover Y magnet 127x120 X-/SX4/X-S
03119129-01Cover Y magnet 100x511 HSxx/D1/D4
03119130-01Cover Y magnet 100x127 HSxx/D1/D4
03119392-01Collecting box cover foil X4Smart
03119476-01O-Ring 16,0x2,0 NBR 70 Shore A
03119666-01Self-Tapping Screw PT-WN1442-2,5X6-PT10
03119669-01Oil Seal O-M3-B
03119672-01O-Ring I3601 B-1,5X1,08-N-NBR70
03119674-01spacer sleeve VADI-MPPE-QS6-24VDC  -SA
03119675-01Centring Ring VADI-MPPE-QS6-24VDC  -SA
03119676-01Self-Tapping Screw PT-WN1412-2,5X14-PT10
03119677-01Self-Tapping Screw PT-WN1442-2,5X8-PT10
03119678-01Self-Tapping Screw PT-WN1413-2,5X6-PT10
03119772-01Handle protection-CPP-cpl.
03119882-02Work package-usability-CPP
03120051S01RFK SST25G in X-series S
03120052-01Exchange Kit ELMO versus Becker
03120082-01needle jet ND6250 (250 microm.)
03120169-01Barcode reader /Powersc. M9500/D 433MHz
03120170-01Barcode reader /Powersc. M9500/D 910MHz
03120171-01Charger /BC-9030 Base Charger 433MHz
03120321S01RFK SST33G in X-series S
03120325-01S-FCU 15 Way Module with Adapter
03120423S02Box PC ABP402-A CPU1020E 2xPCI SSD-80GB
03120433-01Cover sheet head board G2 cpl. TX
03120437-01Cover sheet head board G1 cpl TX
03120492-01Transportation lock cpl.
03120616-01repair kit spring comp. magazine 40xx
03120842-01Miniature coupl.MK1/5/20  D1:4H7  D2:5H7
03120843-01Minature cou.MK1/5/20  D1:4H7  D2:6,35H7
03120860-01JTF Gearbox 20:1 1046773
03120889-01JTF Motor Coupling 1037332
03120891-01JTF Gear Output Couplings 1043900
03120976-01Machine foot D 90mm
03121024-01Fan cpl.
03121065S02Vacuum pump control SMPS X-series S
03121178-03Cable harness COT insert TX
03121201-01Idler pulley 20x2,5 M-C cpl.
03121206-01Idler pulley 20x5 M-C cpl.
03121328S01Clamping unit 4 cpl. M-C
03121375-01empty tape duct standard TX cpl.
03121376-01empty tape duct short TX cpl.
03121427S01Distributor assembly TX
03121441S01Syncronous belt L=843 mm
03121442S01Syncronous belt L=1506 mm
03121443S01Syncronous belt L=447 mm
03121508-02Distribution and fusing assembly cpl. TX
03121566-01TOOTHED BELT Synchroflex 5+-0,1 AT3/201
03121584-01toothed belt-Brecoflex 5+-0,1 AT3/1701
03121586-01Toothed belt-Brecoflex 5+-0.1 AT3/1509
03121806-01Power supply RSP-500-27 26-30V 18A 502W
03121890-01syncronous belt L=1647 mm
03121894-01Synchronriemen L=1362 mm
03121952-01lubrication grease BEM 34-132,400g cart.
03121953-01One-handed grease gun w.hose f. 400ml
03122028S01cable jet heater (liquidyn) 3m M5
03122031-01gasket for jet heater (NBR)
03122405-01Holder MGCU rear cpl. SX1/2
03122422-01Flip head adjustable cpl.
03122459-01Carrier MGCU cpl.
03122519-01Syringe f. grease nipple
03122520-02Syringe f. grease nipple cpl.
03122631S01nozzle heater
03122690-01Conv kit CO trolley dock unit X, SG WAGO
03122701-01Conv kit CO trolley dock unit X SG CAN-K
03122707S01CO camera CPP (SST45) 15x15 hotlink
03122979-01UVEX Bumpcap short
03122988-01Once hood -
03123022-01Nozzle / ZP correction TH 15.2x15.2
03123099-01ISO 4762 - M 2,5 x 10-10.9,ZiNi plated
03123134S03Replacement kit vacuum tubing
03123422-01socket, reducing female=1Rp male=1/2R
03123479-02Machine label SMPS SX2
03123480-02Machine label SMPS X-series S
03123596-01Wear Part Pack f. CP20A  Vent.
03123601-01Wear Part Pack f. CP20A Vac Pump
03123604-02Wear Part Pack f. CPP Vent.
03123605-01Wear Part Pack f. CP20P Vac. Pump
03123606-01Wear Part Pack f. TH 2 Modules Vent.
03123607-01Wear Part Pack f. X2 S Vac Pump
03123608-01Wear Part Pack f. X3 S Vac Pump
03123609-01Wear Part Pack f. X4 S Vac Pump
03123777-01One-handed grease gun cpl.f.400ml cartr.
03123899-01extraction tool AMP Dynamic D-3000 Ser.
03123901-01extraction tool AMP Dynamic 2000 Ser.
03123903-01extraction tool AMP Dynamic D5000 Ser.
03123949-01Insert control SX1/2 cpl.
03124276S01Controller board X8Smart V2
03124362-01Inrush current limiter hood fan
03124442-01Wear Part Pack f. SX1
03124443-01Wear Part Pack f. SX2
03124445-01Wear Part Pack f. X2 S Vent.
03124449-01Wear Part Pack f. X3 S Vent.
03124450-01Wear Part Pack f. X4 S Vent.
03124513-01ESS Schrittmotor T Chameleon_SP11/BE01
03124514-01ESS Schottky Diode_SP11/BE02
03124516-01ESS Condenser_SP11/BE03
03124517-01ESS Power supply 24V_SP11/BE04
03124520-01ESS COP-AX4X8_SP11/BE05
03124521-01ESS reflection light scanner_SP11/BE06
03124522-01ESS Light barrier PM-L54P_SP11/BE07
03124523-01ESS GUIK with support_SP11/BE08
03124531-01ESS 2/2-way- e-vacuum valve_SP11/BM03
03124533-01ESS Diaphragm dryer_SP11/BM04
03124534-01ESS Moisture sensor_SP11/BM05
03124536-01ESS Tooth belt T2.5_SP11/BM06
03124537-01ESS Tooth belt GT3 2MGT_SP11/BM07
03124538-01ESS R-Motor_SP11/BM08
03124539-01ESS Y-Motor_SP11/BM09
03124540-01ESS Barcodereader absorption_SP11/BM10
03124541-01ESS Step motor X Chameleon_SP11/BM11
03124542-01ESS Hybrid cable X-Chain large_SP11/BM12
03124543-01ESS Hybrid cable Z-Chain largeSP11/BM13
03124544-01ESS Waegezelle 10 Kg_SP11/BM14
03124545-01ESS Step-motor  Z Chameleon_SP11/HM02
03124546-01ESS Step-motor  Z Chameleon_SP11/HM02
03124547-01ESS Optical fibre sensor_SP11/HM03
03124548-01ESS Optosensor LL3_DE02_SP11/HM04
03124552-01ESS Retrofit drying_SP11/RET06
03124553-01ESS 5.7z Screen GUIK_SPP/350/5.7 Touch
03124554-01ESS Grab with Y-carriage cpl._SP11/BM15
03124555-01ESS Dichtungskit Cubus_SP11/BM16
03124773-01torque swap blade PH0
03124850S01Attachment-cpl.-head suspension
03124959S01Spare parts package dipping plate HA
03125143-01Option Tray-in-Transport f. ACT
03125149-01SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgr. X16 FS05 to FS07
03125159-01SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgr.X24 FS04 to FS07
03125182-03Waste chute welding assy
03125222S01EDIF-Sekundary cpl. X Smart
03125421-01nozzle garage for nozzle magazine 7/9xx
03125470-01SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgrade X32 FS05 to 07
03125472-01SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgrade X44 FS04 to 07
03125473-01SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgrade X44 FS05 to 07
03125477-01SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgrade X56 FS04 to 07
03125480-01SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgrade X56 FS05 to 07
03125482-01SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgrade X72 FS04 to 07
03125483-01SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgrade X72 FS05 to 07
03125485-01SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgrade X88 FS04 to 07
03125486-01SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgrade X88 FS05 to 07
03125615-01Press sens gantry distrib CP20p cpl SX12
03125764-01Folding spring bolt FKB 12h9x24,zinc-pl.
03125929-01Valve SY5
03125984-01cover plate power supply RSP-500-27
03126131-01SIPLACE X-Feeder UpgrX24 FS05 to FS07
03126132-01SIPLACE X-Feeder Upgr X32 FS04 to 07
03126186-01XFTS-X Feeder Verification System
03126352-01Adhesive Transfer Tape 8mm x 16.5m
03126577-01Gas pressure two-stage 580N
03126589-01Gas pressure two-stage 710N
03126592-01Measuring system - tappet adjustment
03126676-01ESS toothed belt Z SP11/BM20
03126677-01ESS toothed belt X SP11/BM21
03126678-01ESS H sensor LB. WL8-P1131 SP11/B22
03126679-01ESS Power supply 48V SP11/BE09
03126681-01ESS Calibration tool SP11/BM19
03126682-01ESS Cell plate SP11/BM18
03126683-01ESS Nanofilter Air Dryer SP11/BM17
03127013-01Mounting dev. GRY- trailing cable
03127207-01PTFE-Foil Cut For 60er-LLK
03127208-01PTFE-Foil Cut For 40er-LLK
03127209-01Used Tape Channel T+B m.PTFE-Fo 60er-LLK
03127210-01Used Tape Channel T+B m.PTFE-Fo 40er-LLK
03127397-01Flap cover front part cpl.
03127466S01Twin Cover TX compl
03127503S01Sensor insertion tunnel X8Smart (10pcs)
03128176-02Machine label SMPS TX
03128463S01Vacuum pump BECKER VX 4.25 w/ cable
03128483-01ESS Gantry calib.-control 20 SP11/BM23
03128877-01lithium battery, 1/2AA, 3,6V, 1,2Ah
03130649-01hand guard tape cutter
03133256-01Fuse 5x20mm T6,3A 400VDC
03133349S01handle with control panel V1 GlueFeeder
03134204-01Ceram Pads 2x2mm (TAPE), 5 Rolls
03134817-01Silencer AMTE-M-LH-M3
03136076S02Adapter plate top
03136272-01JTF URETHANE FLAT BELT 1/16x3/8x26,5 83
03136275-01JTF Control PCB Assy 9048226-15
03136276-01JTF Drawer Runner JTF ML
03136277-01SPRING,COMP .360 OD .316 ID 075 LG
03136820S01Prot. hood long X-Serie ESLON DC ESD
03138878-01Cleaning Spray 500ml CB100Alu
03138952S02Adapter plate bottom
03139973-01S-Table Option
03146099-01O-Ring ID20 X 1.0 - NBR70
03146100-01O-Ring ID25 X 1.0 - NBR70
03146216-01Flexible Tubing Steel Mesh

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